5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Spas in Ottawa

The last thing anyone wants are dangerous water born bacteria multiplying in their hot tub. And that is where chemicals come in. If you aren’t using a Salt water Spa, which uses natural elements to kill Bacteria, body oils, skin cells, organic dirt and grime, then you will require chemicals. Unpleasant things can enter your […]

5 More Things About Owning a Spa in Ottawa

When doing research into buying a hot tub or spa, insulation is one of the most important features to consider. Heat lost is money burned, and frozen pumps and pipes can be a major expense. There are two main types of insulation used in hot tubs. Urethane foam and styrene foam board. Urethane foam is […]

Kingston Ontario Shotgun Style

Unbeknownst to most Kingston Ontario residents and businesses, the Shotgun Show were recently creeping their streets. The Shotgun Show is an Internet phenomenon that has built a following of tens of thousands of viewers online, in Bogs, Social Media, Authority , Podcasting and especially Video Sites. In keeping with the Show’s modus operandi, the Producer, […]

5 More Things About Buying a Hot Tub in Ottawa

If you are a hot tub or spa owner in Ottawa, you should know that an energy efficient hot tub will save you money. Purchasing an energy efficient hot tub will save you a considerable amount of money over the lifetime of your hot tub or Spa. Thickness, dispersion and type of insulation has a […]

5 Things You Should Know About Buying Hot Tubs in Ottawa

At Sonshine Hot Tub and Spa Service in Ottawa, we are a locally owned, family run business that is always, only a phone call away. Our number one goal is your satisfaction. We take customer satisfaction seriously. With decades of experience in the service industry I understand what it takes to get the job done […]

Ottawa Business Coach Breakthrough

Why do so many business owners struggle to stay on track with their goals and dreams? Why do they fall prey to “drift” so frequently and fall short of their full potential? In most cases, it is because they don’t understand what real business ownership means. Here’s how I see it. RESPONSIBILITY + ACCOUNTABILITY = […]

Event Breakthrough with Ottawa Business Coach

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the answers? Imagine knowing everything there is to know about every subject. You’d be the life of every party, spouting out information whenever anyone asked anything. You’d also rule the business world with all your incredible knowledge about various business fundamentals. Yeah, it would be great. Or, would […]