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5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Spas in Ottawa

The last thing anyone wants are dangerous water born bacteria multiplying in their hot tub. And that is where chemicals come in. If you aren’t using a Salt water Spa, which uses natural elements to kill Bacteria, body oils, skin cells, organic dirt and grime, then you will require chemicals.

Unpleasant things can enter your Spa or Hot Tub water via many various sources, not in the least bathers. When bacteria find a safe place to multiply, they create a layer of protective slime, called biofilm, which enables them to stick more effectively inside the pipe-work. But don’t panic, it takes time, so only neglectful owners will suffer the consequences. But if you use a system flush at every water change and you water changes are quarterly, then you likely won’t have any problems.

And then there is your filter. How often the cartridge needs replacing is dependent on the size of the filter, how often it's cleaned, how much the spa is used and how much debris gets into the water. We recommend having two, so that one is working and the other is cleaned and standing by. Generally a filter needs to be replaced every one or two years.

In case you hadn’t notice, Hot tub covers are awkward and heavy. Our recommendation is to install a cover lifter. Whether hydraulic or standard, a hot tub cover lifter will save your back and your pride. It’s hard to stay relaxed when you have to fight 20 square feet of dead weight at the end of the night. As for the covers themselves, it has been demonstrated that they reduce nearly 100% of the evaporation loss from a Spa. Even the cheapest cover is estimated to prevent 70% of loss.

You have invested a lot in your hot tub and you want it to continue to give you many years of relaxation and relief from muscle pain. So when it comes time for a check-up or repair, quick, dependable service is what you should expect. To ensure that your hot tub stays in prime working order, schedule a service visit today. It's quick and easy. Simply call us at 613-858-5562. You will be glad you did.


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