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Kingston Ontario Shotgun Style

Unbeknownst to most Kingston Ontario residents and businesses, the Shotgun Show were recently creeping their streets. The Shotgun Show is an Internet phenomenon that has built a following of tens of thousands of viewers online, in Bogs, Social Media, Authority , Podcasting and especially Video Sites. In keeping with the Show’s modus operandi, the Producer, Dean Emerick and Host, Carlo Lombard, were bursting into unsuspecting businesses and finding out about what makes Kingston Ontario tick. With 97% of consumers going online to research new products and services, it is no mystery that Businesses need to find a way to be found online.

Based on the premise that past marketing modalities were limited to spending thousands of dollars for PRINT, tens of thousands for RADIO and hundreds of thousands for TELEVISION, the Shotgun Show makes it easy to get online and get results. In this Century consumers CHOOSE WHAT they want, HOW they want it and WHEN they want it. If they are not engaged properly, they can be GONE in less time than it takes to finish reading this sentence.

“Our format is informative, but it is also fun,” states Dean Emerick, Producer of the Show. With twenty-five years of experience the Corporate Vide, Television and the Film Industry, he says “that when you put a Business owner or entrepreneur in front of a camera, they naturally break into sales mode or they freeze. And who can blame them, very few of us are trained to be in front of a camera.” Having worked with Hollywood Stars including Sylvester Stallone, Selma Hayek and Sharon Stone , he claims “Actors are successful because they are playing a part. If they had to stand up and sell a business, they would all have difficulties.”

So, to ease Business Owners into video for the Internet, they decided to put people in a car, “It’s a familiar environment where the background is always changing and you can have a conversation with a friend.” Brilliant! And are they successful? Well 130 episodes later, with half a million YouTube views and tens of thousands of followers online, then I guess you could say they have come a long way. “Kingston is our first stop in our mission across North America,” the salt and pepper Producer says. “We have a lot of interest in many states, provinces and countries, but we want to build it right. We’re from Ottawa and Kingston was the next natural move.”

See their conversations with the owners of  http://www.feelyogakingston.com/, http://www.earthtospirit.com, http://www.foodandheritage.com, http://www.kingstonschoolofdance.ca/, http://www.olivea.ca/, http://www.taranaturalfoods.com/ and http://www.redhousekingston.com/.


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