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Ottawa Business Coach Breakthrough

Why do so many business owners struggle to stay on track with their goals and dreams? Why do they fall prey to “drift” so frequently and fall short of their full potential? In most cases, it is because they don’t understand what real business ownership means. Here’s how I see it.


 An individual “owns” their business when he/she accepts full responsibility for their actions and decisions, and make themselves accountable for their results… good, bad and ugly. It has been said that leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses. I couldn’t agree more.

It is all too easy to blame the economy, or your competition, or your staff (or any number of issues) for your mediocre results. People do it all the time. We pass the buck. We point the finger. We look for a scape goat. The first key to breakthrough results, however, is accepting full responsibility for where your business stands right now! “You are here” because of the actions you have taken (or not taken) and the decisions you have made (or have failed to make). Period. Coming to terms with this is the first step toward transformation.

The second key concept is making yourself accountable. Before you went into business for yourself, you probably “worked for the man.” As part of your job, you accepted the reality that if you failed to deliver on your responsibilities, there would be hell to pay at some point in the near future. You did your job, or eventually got shown the door!

As an owner, who do you answer to? Hopefully, you keep your staff accountable. But who keeps you on track? Who helps you stay focused? It is all too easy to “let things slide,” to procrastinate, and to put off the really important tasks in your business. But instead of making excuses, make progress! Successful people “own” their business by putting the necessary systems and relationships in place to guarantee their ongoing growth and success.

One of these key relationships is a business coach! A coach works with you to…

Get clear on your goals (what is your end game?)

Create an action plan to achieve those goals (how do you get there?)

Determine the next steps every time you meet (what’s next?)

Keep you focused on the task at hand (what matters most?)

Help you learn from your wins and losses (what can I learn from this?)

Hold you accountable to your commitments and decisions (what am I responsible for?) By now you can see that real business “ownership” is much more than first imagined. It takes courage, leadership, and the willingness to accept responsibility for everything that takes place under your watch! Are you up for the challenge?


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