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What is Performance Management?

The answer might surprise you. Maybe it’s about sustainability or improvement or communication. But really, it’s about the bottom line, because when all of the right pieces are in the right place and doing what they do best, then this will be reflected in your success. Whether you are trying to increase revenues, reduce expenditures or optimize the effectiveness of your organization or business, performance management is the process that will get you there more efficiently than not.

As businesses and organizations grow, decisions are made and avenues explored. Additions are made, capital purchases added and personnel are hired to keep the machine churning. Over time the experiments that worked are added to the mix and the experiments that didn’t are let go. But much like building a house your structure can end up with unfinished sections, ineffective processes and a structure whose momentum is thwarted by it’s own design.

No matter how much you think you know and understand, we all suffer from not knowing what we don’t know. And that goes double for entrepreneurs and organizations. The cure is to create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement. This is accomplished through identifying and sharing the purpose of your vision, mission and values, by communicating more clearly and regularly, through mapping multilevel-led strategic plans that align with purpose, developing effective and efficient systems, informing better decision-making skills using performance measurement and helping individuals develop powerful and motivational leadership skills. It’s that easy!

It’s that easy when great performance and strategy starts with a clearly communicated vision and mission. When strategic planning is something that is practical and actionable – not something that collects dust. When the only way to truly know if you’re doing what’s right and doing the right thing, is to measure performance. When employees are more engaged and have more confidence in organizations that create and communicate a plan. When hiring the right people, offering them the right resources and training, and getting out of their way becomes a priority. When inspiration and laughter breeds innovation and organizations ask themselves “What and How can we do better?” Then you’ll be in the right place at the right time with the right people.

To achieve these things in your company or organization you should look for someone with a natural proclivity for engaging, motivating and empowering people to achieve their goals. A critical, “big picture” thinker who recognizes the relationships between separate influences. Someone who is an accomplished analyst, researcher and problem solver with experience in Strategic Planning, Scenario Mapping, Performance Measurement, Organizational and Leadership Development, Marketing and Communications.

Tina Collins of Squirrel Strategic Development understands that when all of the right pieces are in the right place and doing what they do best, then this will be reflected in your success.


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