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The Why, The Where, The What of Video Marketing

Imagine for a moment that there was magical machine that could capture light. Then imagine that you could use this machine to capture the things that you repeat the most often. And then it could repeat that things on demand. Now imagine a place where you could store that information, so that when people needed to find it, it could be accessed by anyone, from anywhere and at any time.

In case you haven’t noticed, video has arrived in the online environment, in a real way. In the Mesozoic Era of the Internet, or 5 years ago, video was a bandwidth-sucking medium that was exploited only by skateboarders and amateur videographers. Youtube was not on the radar of mainstream business.

Today, video is one of the main leverage points for catching search engines attention, and therefore achieving a higher standing in search engine results. According to Forrester, you are 53 times more likely to achieve a page one result by incorporating video in your media blitz.

But when it comes to social media marketing, a talking head won’t do. When most people are placed in front of the camera and told to speak, they do one of two things: they either freeze or they go into sales mode. Neither of these is going to help you with online marketing. In the online environment, people can click away in less time than it takes to finish reading this sentence. So you have five seconds to engage them and then they are your, unless you become pedantic.

The Shotgun Show is designed to remove all of the obstacles associated with non-professional video production and all you to be yourself in front of the camera. It is also designed to attract a following, be fun and engaging, and expose our clients to new people. Your Story IS Your Business. What separates you from your competition? YOU! People Buy From People. A Shotgun Show episode is your elevator pitch that is online, working for you, 24/7. Not only that, but we have an established audience that is waiting to see your episode! Behind every Business is a Story. Start your Search Below and find the right People for your needs!

Brought to you by The Shotgun Show TM, a highly effective and cleverly disguised Online Marketing “How To” platform and 21st Century Internet Marketing Strategy for Social Media Marketing. Get with an Internet Marketing Company that knows how to leverage the new “word of mouth marketing.”


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