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Ottawa Honda Dealer Takes Government Employees on Odyssey

It sounds crazy, but it is absolutely true. A few young and adventurous Government employees needed a warm ride to work, they had heard what the Shotgun Show was doing to bust the winter blahs and they asked for a lift. With the help of Dow Honda, the Premiere Honda Dealer in Ottawa, we were able to make their wish come true.

Here is one review of the Odyssey: The Odyssey's interior and features are much like those of nearly every other minivan on the market. The most notable difference between the Odyssey and its competitors is its interior build quality. The seats, dash, storage compartments and trim in the Odyssey are all surprisingly well constructed. Every surface in the Odyssey looks and feels solid as a rock.

The interior of the 2013 Odyssey is cavernous, with 172 cubic feet of total passenger volume and 148 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the front seats. With comfortable and flexible seating configurations, numerous storage bins and pockets and up to 15 beverage holders, for the hot chocolate provided by Dow Honda, the Odyssey is ready for whatever a Lucas Construction can ask of it.

The third row, which Honda calls a Magic Seat, is 60-40 split folding and enables the Odyssey to quickly and easily adapt between passenger and cargo hauling. It can accommodate three passengers and still provide 38 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the seats, or it can fold completely flat into the floor, creating 93 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the second row. Maximizing the Odyssey's cargo space requires removing the second-row seats. Total interior volume, with passenger and cargo volume combined, measures 210 cubic feet. Enough room for a whole team!

Meanwhile, back at the dealership, the Dow Honda gang are coming up with new ideas. They decided to supply everyone with brushed steel, travel mugs filled with hot chocolate. But I am sure they will not be offended if you put coffee in it. And that’s how they roll, if I can quote Betty White from her California commercial. They are the premiere Honda Dealer in Ottawa for a reason, and it’s quite plain to see why.

Thanks again to Dow Honda at 845 Carling Avenue in Ottawa and at 613 237 2777 for the generous use of their Honda Odyssey and hot chocolate. They are the premier Ottawa Dealer in Ottawa. Call them and let them know you enjoyed the show. And if you want to ride the Shotgun Shuttle, just drop us a line and let us know.


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