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Ottawa Honda Dealer Offers Free Rides To Work or School

Is winter holding on or is spring reluctant to show itself. Either way, March is dragging on like a running a marathon in workboots. And speaking of workboots, in this weeks Shotgun Shuttle, provided by the good people of Dow Honda on Carling Avenue in Little Italy, we provide transportation to a couple of Contractors from the Construction Industry in Ottawa. Say hello to the boys from Lucas Contracting in Ottawa.

So you want to beat the winter blues and blahs. We can’t blame you, and we feel quite the same. Here at the Shotgun Show we the good fortune to meet the guy and girls from Dow Honda and they suggested that we use their new Honda Odyssey to Shuttle people to work or school. Then we sent out invitations to our friends, colleagues, followers and fans asking who would be interested in such an idea.

As you can imagine, the response was enormous and a new concept was born. Why not provide transportation for people to their worksites and schools? In the process, we get to learn about their business, what makes them tick and we get to see Carlo in whatever unpredictable outfit he decides to wear. That’s worth three minutes our your time on Youtube. Besides, after 1500, you can only watch so many cat videos!

Meanwhile, back at the dealership, the Dow Honda gang are coming up with new ideas. They decided to supply everyone with brushed steel, travel mugs filled with hot chocolate. But I am sure they will not be offended if you put coffee in it. And that’s how they roll, if I can quote Betty White from her California commercial. They are the premiere Honda Dealer in Ottawa for a reason, and it’s quite plain to see why.

Thanks again to Dow Honda at 845 Carling Avenue in Ottawa and at 613 237 2777 for the generous use of their Honda Odyssey and hot chocolate. They are the premier Ottawa Dealer in Ottawa. Call them and let them know you enjoyed the show. And if you want to ride the Shotgun Shuttle, just drop us a line and let us know.


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