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Ottawa Business Events with Social Media Icon

If “Content is king!” then I want a Social Media Makeover!  So, everyone is asking “what do I focus on to improve my Online status?” the key to success on the web today is to remain relevant. This means that you must be in all the right places and all the right ways. Yes, it is overwhelming for most of us, and the DIY stage of social media management, is over.

How do you run your business, make sales, satisfy your clients AND manage all of the social media demands? You don’t, and it shows. But how could anyone? We know that , dynamic, compelling content can attract attention and drive traffic, the traffic we know we want and strive to connect with, but in order to do this you must be a writer, a photographer, a videographer and clever wit. Well, that means that less than half a percentage point of the worlds population are qualified to do so, and half of them are living in their mother’s basement.

The basic elements are to be where people are communicating in large numbers. That would include Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blog. And already I feel tired, just thinking about this. Then you need to put your best self forward. This includes a professional picture, and a synopsis of your skills and what you have done for others. Don’t forget to add a touch of the human element, because that is what being social is all about. Then you need regular content, built on high traffic keywords to draw the attention of search engines. Have we lost you yet?

The easiest way to get control of all of this information and begin to organize it into a manageable strategy is to connect with people in the know. Photo Fridays are hosted by the good people of Social Media Icon who bring their research and resources to bare on your Online Presence. The events have a festival feeling whereby new profile pictures are being taken right on site with a professional photographer, sites and profiles are being updated, the atmosphere is post-work casual, and the networking is unparalleled. We like to think of it as an opportunity for businesses to have a look at a Social Media Makeover and why it is necessary.

Essential for any Ottawa Business Event Calendar, the Photo Fridays Events in Ottawa are an opportunity for a Social Media Makeover, Business Networking and Digital Brand Training. Boost Your Brand!


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