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Photo Fridays – Ottawa Business Events

Photo Fridays are Business Events in Ottawa where you can network with other Business Professionals, you can witness Amazing Before and After examples of boosted digital brands and see how your own “digital you” compares and you can discover the tools that will get your digital brand from good to great. Oh, and they are also a lot of fun!

Let’s face the obvious: Social Media is teeming with sellers. Facebook is flooded with Like requests, Twitter is filled with an over abundance of personal opinion and Google plus has yet to emerge as a real challenger. With so many options and conflicting information, the question is, what should I do?

The real question should be, do Twitter and Facebook profiles show up in Google searches for services and products? The answer is NO! You need to have a presence there, but to what extent? These are some of the questions that you can find answers to at Photo Fridays, the Premier Ottawa Business Events.

If you are in Business, then you are likely working extra long hours just selling and servicing your clients. There does not seem to be enough hours in the day to learn and manage your social media, DIY website, changes and challenges by Search Engines and optimization of your social media profiles. If you are like us, then you feel overwhelmed just reading the last sentence. And that was the impetus of Social Media Icon, a think tank, a research center and a media production house, all in one. They answer the questions: What do I focus on to give me the best return on my time? How do I begin? Where do I find the resources that will make this easy? Who are the industry leaders online? And why?

Photo Fridays are hosted by the good people of Social Media Icon who bring their research and resources to bare on your Online Presence. The events have a festival feeling whereby new profile pictures are being taken right on site with a professional photographer, sites and profiles are being updated, the atmosphere is post-work casual, and the networking is unparalleled. We like to think of it as an opportunity for businesses to have a look at a Social Media Makeover and why it is necessary.

Essential for any Ottawa Business Event Calendar, the Photo Fridays Events in Ottawa are an opportunity for a Social Media Makeover, Business Networking and Digital Brand Training. Boost Your Brand!


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