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Buy a Business-or Not!

If you are looking to buy a Business there are many factors to consider from investment price, support, training, competition levels and product. At Rubaroc we are looking for the right people to become Certified Rubaroc Dealers and we are prepared to help you be as successful as you want to be.

Unlike Franchising, we do not require a high capital investment up front. The initial investment is a tenth of what a Franchise would cost and is designed to cover the cost of training. This ensures that your success begins immediately, in a cash positive position. This allows our dealers to focus on providing service without the enormous financial pressure that typical Franchising models incur.

We don’t mind if your Rubaroc Dealership is an addition to your existing business or operated as a stand-alone resurfacing company. Our President, Brian Field, started as a Rubaroc Dealer when he was building decks. Obviously, his deck clients had pools, garages and cracked concrete stairs that needed attention, and since he was already a trusted service provider, it was simple to offer resurfacing as an addition. Soon after, Brian discovered the demand for Rubaroc and it grew to become his main business.

Franchisees also have access to the parent companies Brand and logo. At Rubaroc, they understand that in order for you to have a successful company you must look professional, so they have created templates of business cards, brochures, trade show booths and other marketing tools to make it seamless and simple.  With 30 years of experience, you may not recognize the name, but you will recognize the product. Since it has been installed in a multitude of major hotels, sport franchise facilities and amusement parks, across Europe and North America, your feet will remember. We often here people exclaim, “Oh, that’s what that is!”

Rubaroc is a product that is applied in place. Therefore we train Dealers the best methods of application, the potential pitfalls and estimation. At the corporate level we also have support for Dealers to take on large projects, where we make our experience available to help them sell and service at any scale. So if you own a contracting company, or are looking to buy a small business or buying a franchise, then have a look at Rubaroc. If you want to know how to buy a franchise, know that you don’t need to look any further. We have the support, the training, the Brand and availability in every market in Province and State in the United States and Canada.

Rubaroc combines high tech polymer resins with rubber to create a resilient, non-skid surface that can be applied over any substrate for resurfacing. Bounces Like Rubber, Wears Like Rock!


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