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Carleton University Students Beat the Winter Blues with Dow Honda

Yes, it is the Winter Blues time of year again. January is behind us, March is just around the corner and we can smell spring in the air, again.  And the answer to the Winter Blahs comes from an unlikely place, the thoughtful people at Dow Honda on Carling Avenue. What better answer to the cold trek to school or work than to get onboard the Shotgun Shuttle in a Honda Odyssey provided by Dow Honda, along with a cup of hot chocolate!

What you may not know is that Carleton University was founded in 1942, in response to the need to help provide the young people in Ottawa, many of whom had taken on jobs to cope with the pressures of the Depression, with an opportunity to continue their formal education.

Currently, the university has more than 850 research projects underway in all five of its academic faculties. In recent years Carleton’s research funding has grown exponentially, allowing the university to strengthen its research culture and continue to lead the way in fields such as health, digital media, sustainability and the environment, and globalization. And Carleton’s future promises to be as bright and exciting as its past as they look ahead to their 75th anniversary in 2017.

Meanwhile, Dow Honda has been gracious enough to loan a warm and comfy vehicle to the Shotgun Show in order that we may provide a well-needed service to some of the Carleton students.

Beating the winter blues is something that we have had to do since we were hunting wholly mammoth below the ice fields tens of thousands of years ago. Get out of the cave! A few recommendations are to get some exercise. Inside or outside, drag yourself out and do something. You’ll enjoy it once you get started.

Shake up your diet. You know what to avoid, but try adding some change every once in a while. Get your friends to help out. When in doubt, pull a Popeye and cram down some spinach salad! Sunshine is free vitamin D and vitamin D is what we need to keep us happy. Expose yourself.
Cut back on alcohol once in a while. Get your friends together and have an outdoor exercise, eat healthy weekend. Treat yourself with rewards for good behavior and shake it up once in a while. You can go to movies or your favorite restaurant foods or whatever comforts you, like sleeping in once a week.

Really, you just need to make an effort and you will soon discover that a little effort goes a long way, because you’re not alone. Everyone around you is trying to beat the blues too, so why not do it together.

Thanks again to Dow Honda at 845 Carling Avenue in Ottawa and at 613 237 2777 for the generous use of their Honda Odyssey and hot chocolate. They are the premier Ottawa Dealer in Ottawa. Call them and let them know you enjoyed the show.



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