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Tapped Out in Ottawa MMA

So, you tapped out on your New Years resolution. Just an FYI, over ninety percent of New Years resolutions crash in flames. Obviously a New Years resolution is not the correct motivation. What you really need to uncover is the real reason why you wanted to make a change it in the first place.

At least once every week the average person makes one resolution to improve themselves, to get back into shape or to feel better about themselves. We think of it when our clothes feel a little tight or when we find ourselves pausing for air after a flight of stairs or when we have trouble getting up to speed after lunch. At those moments we are aware of ourselves in ways that do not make us feel good about who we are, and we make a silent vows to make a change.  Our bodies are talking to us, and deep in our minds we know that things are slipping. It is a part of the human condition. Let’s face it, there are a large number of factors that sap our strength. These include the weather, work, school, families, girlfriends, boyfriends, and sometimes all of them at the same time. We use them as excuses to avoid getting in shape, when we should be using them as the reasons TO get in shape.

A New years resolution is about telling everyone else that you are going to make a change. But true motivation is a pact with yourself to improve your well being. If you have done a little internal work, then you know what I have said is true. Now all that you have to do is act upon it.

The obvious benefits are that you will feel better about yourself, you will be able to fight disease more efficiently, you will have fun, you will be stronger, you be more in control, you will be more confident, you will have more stamina, you will meet new people with similar interests, you will, you will, you will. You will be prepared to live your life fully, every single day.

N1 Thai Boxing Academy at 401 Preston Street in Ottawa Ontario is the home of MMA Kickboxing and Muay Thai Boxing in Ottawa. It is a specialized gym that focuses on an individuals goals and helps to coach it’s members to achieve their goals. Mixed Martial Arts is the vehicle, but personal development is the goal.


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