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Ottawa Social Media Event with Social Catalyst

We are sorry that you missed the Ottawa Social Media Event that was presented by Social Catalyst. You only missed the amazing food stylings of Sawa Sushi  and the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the most successful social media leaders in the Ottawa/Carleton region.

2012 was a great year for Social Catalyst who have established themselves as THE go-to team for user engagement in online marketing and communications. Anyone can broadcast, but it is engagement that is evolving as the catchword for 2013.

 “If you don’t listen to your followers then who will listen to you?”

Every minute of everyday, it seems there is more to know about Internet Marketing.  In fact, it has gone from being DIY and evolved into a strategy that has baffled many major marketing firms. The days of the “just get it out there” are gone, as we find ourselves overwhelmed and settling settle into the marketing long game. Afterall, why waste your time attracting anybody and everybody if only a small percentage of those individuals are relevant to your business?

Social media communications are simmering down to real conversations with real consumers who really want your products and services. Think of it as quality before quantity, less is more or just plain old common sense. So, what is the value proposition in this post? Social Media Marketing is about being real and relevant. Being relevant is about reintroducing the human factor into our relationships. There is a process and like anything, it is easy once you know the rules. But in a storm of voices, how do find the new rules?

I think that is said best on the Social Catalyst website: Genuinely opening up to your community is essential to build meaningful, long-term relationships. If you’re not willing to share, your community can draw all kinds of conclusions. They can think you don’t want to share with them or you don’t know how to share. Worse, they could think you’re hiding things. But your community also has the luxury of choice, and if you’re not sharing, they’ll start to connect with others who are.

In the true sense of abundance we would like to thank all of the attendees who gave us their amazing quotes, and if we capture a quote from you, expect to be reading your name here. Like Sarah from Social Media Icon, Tim from The Ottawa Citizen, Micheline from Property Staged , Terry from Maxsys.com and of course, Trefor from Social Catalyst. BTW, that’s the old world spelling, but it is pronounced Trevor.


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