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Ottawa City Worker Found Sleeping on the Job

It has been an exciting year at the Shotgun Show. We have produced over 100 episodes with small and medium business owners, writers and restaurants. And 2013 will have even more fun.

The premise of the Shotgun Show is that people buy from people. With few exceptions, there are numerous people who offer the same products and services, so what do you offer your clients that no one else does? YOU!

Your clients buy into you, trust you and depend on you

to give them the best quality and service.

Online, no one is going to sit through your “commercial.” If you are salesy or pedantic and filled with platitudes, then they will click away in less time than it takes to read this sentence.

The Shotgun Show puts you in a familiar environment where you can forget about your “pitch,” and let the power of video show the world who you are. Of course, we get to the point about your business as well, letting you highlight your skills, offerings and services. Many of our clients use their episode on their website and throughout their social media profiles.

One of my favourite episodes is when Carlo interviews Derick Fage the Host of Daytime Ottawa on Rogers with Lois Lee, and they discover an Ottawa City Worker sleeping on the job. It is the hidden moments like that that keep our viewers viewing and coming back for more.

No one ever watches just one episode! Think of it as your 24/7 elevator pitch.


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