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A Response to Your Shotgun Show Questions

Hey Joe…

To answer your questions, we get paid by the episode. We are currently doing a Christmas blitz, at cost, because we have a lot of new and exciting additions coming in 2013 and we want to give everyone the opportunity to get their message out. We also sell banner space on our site, and on a closed network of 200,000 high traffic sites worldwide, which are geo-targetable. Our click rate is above average, prices include the creation of animated banners and exposure of your Brand is guaranteed. Think of them as billboards beside highways, as opposed to being on side streets.

Normally we charge about 3 times the current offering, per episode. If you look into getting a professional video produced, the average cost is approximately $1000.00 per finished minute, so we are very competitive comparably.

But our key advantage is that we broadcast it to a waiting online audience, which is comprised of approximately 35,000 people. , This gets the interest started. And catches the attention of search engines.

Because we build the media on high traffic keywords, and it is posted on approximately 100 different sites, it is perfectly optimized for the best search engine results.

If you Google the subject of any of our videos, you will see that our clients appear in the top results, especially under the Video Button. And with billions of searches on video sites, the views just add up. Of course, it varies from subject to subject because the competition levels are different for each niche market. For example there are more companies competing for “weight loss” than competing for “tool belts.”

Hopefully that answers your questions. Have a great day, whatever the weather report.





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