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the Shotgun Show Christmas Special

the Shotgun Show Christmas Special


Get a Shotgun Episode        (Approximately 2 1/2  minutes in length)                    $399.00 + HST


If you haven’t caught the Buzz then it is only a matter of time. When have you ever seen a show on Business that is informative AND fun?  IMPOSSIBLE!

What is really astounding is that consumers on social media are

CHOOSING to watch it,

CHOOSING to share it and

WAITING for the next episode.

Your success is determined by whether People Buy Into YOU!


“Think of it as your 24/7 Elevator Pitch”


·       A professionally shot episode in the Shotgun Seat

·       Accompanied by a keyword driven article and podcast rip

·       Posted on all of Shotgun’s extensive Social Networks

(approximately 35,000 subscribers, friends and followers)

·       Hyperlinked directly to your site

·       Posted and Highlighted on shotgunshow.com

·       Easily embedded on your site, social media and blogs


·       December 15 and 22 ONLY!

·       There is a Limited Number of Episodes so call ASAP!

·       Call Carlo at 613 720 1666

·       carlo@shotgunshow.com

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