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Real Estate Investing – Why Now is the Perfect Time

As most of you probably know, the Canadian Real Estate market has taken a slight dip in the second half of 2012.  But one of our Shotgun Show clients, Rich Danby, knows that where there is change, there is opportunity.


 Does a slowing market represent risk or opportunity?  Whether you're using the Buy, Hold and Rent Strategy, Fix and Flip or Rent to Own, this is a great time to buy!  Lower prices often improve the financials of a rental property, making it easier to be cash-flow positive.  As a result, many investors are taking advantage of this opportunity!

 Rich has spent the last few months analyzing hundreds of potential properties. The best oppoetunites are well hidden, ranked #1 in Ontario by REIN as the best place to invest in Real Estate and he is heading there this week to put the deals in place.

 He'll also be meeting with team to investigate a number of cash-flowing properties, multi-family apartment buildings, plus a few duplexes and triplexes.  If you're also in the market to invest or will be soon, let him know which of the following options interest you and he will present a few options, over coffee.


1.  Invest using cash, LOC or RRSP for a fixed rate of return.

2.  Become a part owner of an apartment building for as little as $50k.

3.  Own a modest cash-flow property (typically 2-3 units), alone or in partnership.

 And if you would like to know where the magic region is, don’t hesitate to reach him at…

 Rich Danby


President, Rich Ottawa Investments Inc.

"Real Estate Partnerships to Enrich Your Future"


 Centro Mortgage Inc.

Licensed Mortgage Agent:  M12000079


President of OREIO

Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization


Member of REIN

Real Estate Investment Network


Twitter @RichOttawa



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