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Animate Your Business with Disada Productions

The fact that Disada Productions was formed in 1971 is a testament to their experience. You have likely seen their work on television, commercials in training films, documentaries and on the Internet. And if you have a business that requires the explanation of complex processes or want to catch the attention of every demographic, then Disada is your one stop shop.

Disada Productions was one of the first companies in Canada to begin leveraging computer animation back in 1983, when Hal 9000 from A Space Odyssey was still bouncing around our heads. Well a lot has changed since then, besides the fact that a computer no longer takes up the entire floor of a building!

Their clients have included the American Medical Association, Banque National, Bell Canada, Canadian Armed Forces, De Laurentis Designs, Fire Prevention Canada, Governments of Canada, United States, Nova Scotia and Quebec, Standards Food Group, Johnson and Johnson, Montreal Canadians, Sun Life and a myriad of other projects, where they were quietly educating and entertaining you.

From the beginning, Disada has pushed the limits if animation, by being one of the first companies to combine live action with animated characters. Of course today, that is old news, but like all exploration the parties involved never know if what they are trying to create will work. And in true filmic fashion, the impossible became possible, which has led us to films that have real and animated characters interacting on a green screen without any sets. Crazy!

From the very beginning, Disada has been an industry leader with Peter Adamokos filling the seat as Vice President of ASIFA, as President of the nation-wide Society of Film Makers, as one of the three founding members of the Canadian Academy of Motion Picture and Television Arts and Sciences and as board member on the federal government’s Film Advisory Committee. Obviously, your animation is good hands.


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