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T12 Ballasts and Bulbs are Banned…Now What?

Your Fluorescent T12 bulbs and ballasts are banned- Now what?


In 2010, magnetic ballasts for T12 fluorescent lights were banned across North America, which means that they are no longer being manufactured, which means that when they fail, you will have difficulty finding a replacement.

In July of 2012, T12 fluorescent bulbs were also banned across North America and the stocks are currently diminishing.


The T12 fluorescent bulbs and ballast served their purpose by providing a cheap solution for lighting. You can find them in over 40% of buildings in North America. But they do not belong in the 21st Century, where we have more efficient, cost effective solutions that provide more light for less and reduce CO2 emissions.


The major problem for most property owners is that the replacement options are costly and inconvenient. But there are options that include affordable and easy bulb/ballast combos that fit seamlessly into existing fixtures.


The ROI is fast, the reduction in air conditioning costs is significant and the reduction of CO2 emissions will save acres of forest and barrels of oil. And they come in all standard lengths with your choice of end cap options.


Don’t hesitate to contact us at…

613 596 5544 x 207



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