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Animate Your Business with Disada Productions

Business leaders are always looking for ways to make themselves stand out, to show their unique products and services and to explain their processes. Whether you notice it or not, animation is all around us. It entertains us, it demonstrates complex processes that are easier to show than to tell and it is associated with every major brand.

Disada Productions works with clients to deliver creative custom-tailored messages that are entertaining, catchy and have a shelf life that lasts for generations. Do you remember bugs bunny? You can’t tell by looking, but he was born in 1938 and has been reborn many times since. Mickey Mouse was born in 1925, and they both look better every year. Your message and your brand can retain the same youthful zeal and appeal that major brands have built.

Since 1971, Disada Productions has been producing projects for television, theatre and web. Their unique proposition is that as an Animation Studio, they have the experience that comes with age and the energy that comes with youth. This makes them both current and qualified.

Disada produces Training Videos, Television Series, Web Animations, Story Boards, Infomercials and Technical Animations that are key elements in communication with your employees, prospects and existing customers. Animation speaks all languages and communicates with the youngest and oldest members of society, simultaneously. Whether you use traditional, Flash, 2D or 3D animation, each medium has it’s own benefits depending on the budget, message and audience. But a quick conversation will narrow the options and move you toward having an engaging visual representation that can be shared easily through your website, on television, through social media or all of the above. If you are looking to Animate Your Business, then animation is the medium that will make an impact and Disada is the company that can deliver the punch. Did I mention that they are award winning? My bad! And in the famous words of Porky Pig, “b-d, b-d, b-d that’s all folks!”


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