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Ottawa Charity Ping Pong Event at The Spin Bin in The Market-Be There!

Raise your paddles for a great local charity event! Ottawa Charity Ping Pong Event at The Cabin in The Market. The 3rd OCPP Annual Tournament is a great opportunity to have some fun, make new friends, and play some ping pong. High skill, low skill, no skill; it doesn’t matter which as all skill levels are welcome!

Last year over one hundred competitors wore their best tennis whites and enjoyed a night filled of ping pong, recreational athletic excellence, social networking, and fun. It’s all about the fun and the opportunity to support the Youth Services Bureau, Operation Come Home and Christie Lake Kids. The players battled for ping pong glory and a chance to hoist the Charity Cup!

This years Ottawa Charity Ping Pong Event will take place on Friday September 28th at The Spin Bin (The Cabin) located in the Byward Market. The ‘SpinBin’ concept is inspired by a New York table tennis club originally founded by Susan Serandon. Since the wild success of her opening, table tennis bars have been opening just about everywhere and becoming incredibly popular. The Spin Bin is fully licensed and can comfortably hold 700 participants/Spectators.

The fun begins at 7pm. There are 4 ping pong tables, a stage for the band and a gallery where spectators can watch the games. The participants will be entertained by a live band and DJ. To help fuel your body in between matches, snacks will be provided!

Just we are all on the same page, all players and spectators MUST be wearing white. Any player not wearing white during match-play runs the risk of forfeiting that match; the referees will use their discretion in ruling a forfeit. An OCPP match consists of one game. The winner is the first player to obtain 15 points with a margin of victory equal to or greater than 2 points. Match play will continue until a player has achieved a 2 point spread. A point is awarded at the end of every rally, regardless of who served.

A coin toss prior to match play will determine which player serves first. The player who wins the toss gets choice of serve or side. Service will switch after every 5 points. To be considered a legal serve, the ball must first bounce in the server’s court before crossing over or around the net and landing in the receiver’s court. If the ball strikes the net during service but is otherwise legal, it will be considered a let and a re-serve will be awarded. The ball, having been served or returned, shall be struck so that is passes over or around the net and touches the opponent's court, either directly or after touching the net. A series of good returns are considered a rally. The last player to make a good return will be considered the winner of the rally, and awarded a point.

Finally, the referee will use his or her discretion, to interrupt match play and or award a let; resulting in a re-serve and or lose of serve. Match play may be interrupted to correct an error in the order of play; to warn or penalize a player; or because conditions of play are disturbed in a way which could affect the outcome of the rally. And if you don’t feel that you are having enough fun, then we are confident that a refreshing beverage will turn things around!


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