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Donna Cona Canada’s Leading Aboriginal Business and IT Solutions Company

Don’t let Donna Cona fool you. Since its inception in 1996, it has emerged as Canada's leading Aboriginal Business and Technology Solutions Company.They are a proven full service firm with a track record for servicing private business, Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments. Donna Cona provides their clients with sound business and technology advice, business planning, Information Technology strategic planning, historical research services, telehealth for remote and distance communities, program evaluation and custom application system development. They also specialize in technology architecture planning and implementation, computer operations and help desk support.

But don’t let Donna Cona fool you. The name Donnacona comes from the great Iroquois Chief who met Jacques Cartier on his first voyage to the new world and invited him ashore to exchange gifts and form a trading alliance. On the voyage back to France, Cartier learned from Donnacona’s sons that their father's village of Stadacona, which is present day Quebec City, was called a 'kanata'. Cartier wrote the name 'Kanata' on his maps to mark the land belonging to Chief Donnacona's tribe and this marked the first recorded use of the name 'Kanata.' Unbeknownst to all, this was the first step in establishing the name by which our country would become known.

So, don’t let Donna Cona fool you. They have been servicing clients since 1534.


(Donna Cona qualifies under the Government of Canada's Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business. PSAB is a Federal Government policy to support the economic development of Aboriginal companies and people. Federal government requirements can be "set aside" for competition amongst Aboriginal businesses. 

If you require immediate information on how to use our government contracts, please call the Business Development Team at 613-234-5407.)


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