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Equity Investors Network of Business Builders

Equity Investors Network is a group of investors, marketing strategists, management experts and financial wizards who combine their skill and experience to become highly effective business builders. You may think of them as Business Marketing Consultants, but the bottom line is that they invest their time, expertise and money in exchange for equity in your business, with the objective to explode your growth and sell it for far more than the current worth.

Equity investor Network focuses on Business that have in been in business for more two yeas and have gross annual sales between $1 – $20 million. If you are a Start-Up, then put us in your schedule for 730 days from today. Unlike traditional management consulting or marketing consulting firms, they earn most of their compensation as equity as opposed to fees. Obviously as a partner, they only get paid when everyone succeeds, therefore providing a unique incentive that you will not find with upfront fee based services.

Their business model of how to build your business consists of three steps that include taking an equity position the company, expediating the growth of sales and profitability and then selling the company within 18 – 24 months. The benefits for owners are access to state-of-the-art marketing and management systems for little or no out-of-pocket costs, plus support and a more rapid succession to an exit strategy. They will multiply your sales while streamlining operations to lower your costs, resulting in a company that is larger and more profitable.

The final step is to sell the company. Once your business reaches our sales and profitability objectives, we'll shop it to our network of buyers who are willing and able to pay top-dollar for companies that meet their criteria. Not only will you receive years of future cash flow in a single lump-sum payment, but the payout will normally be taxed as a capital gain at 15% rather than ordinary income at 35%.

Equity Investors Network was created by a group of highly successful entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, management experts, lawyers and accountants. Our partners have created and run companies in a diverse set of industries. These companies have achieved sales ranging from 7-figures to 9-figures or more.


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