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Sales Training Online with Bob Urichuck

At first, Bob Urichuck was not a true believer in online sales training. As a certified master sales trainer, he felt that human interaction was an important part of learning. But over time, the advent of new technology changed the playing field and opened opportunities for increased human interaction in online sales training. Having refined the process to a highly effective state, Bob is now able to be interactive and has seen real results. “You are able to actually “see” what other people are doing, where they are, who is talking, and interact with them as if you were in the same room, all from the comfort of your desk.”

In addition, participants can enjoy the economic benefits of online sales training, on demand and at their own pace without costly travel or missing valuable time from the field. Unlike conventional sales training programs, online sales training gives the participants the much needed freedom to choose their learning times and learning speeds. Equally, accessibility is never really a concern as the resources and other materials used for training are stored on a web-based server. Once registered, users can simply login to access the online sales training modules when the time is convenient.

However, Bob feels that without discipline or being accountable to someone, setting aside time to study may not happen. Therefore, it is best to be part of a team of participants who are accountable to each other. Scheduled discussions, webinars and tele-seminars help eliminate the chance to waiver from study time. Something else to consider is the fact that most conventional sales training runs one to three days in length. Statistics have shown that whether it is public or customized in-house training, the information is generally forgotten within 30 days. Therefore sales training has to be an on-going process, not just a day to three-day event.

The same practice applies to online sales training. It has to be on going and you have to be accountable to someone on a weekly basis or genuine learning is lessened.

Many people have asked me to set up an online sales training program and I would like your input. “My thoughts are to create an online sales training program based on the “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System, whereby you would automatically receive a module every week of the year upon registration.”

Each module would include a coaching guide, video or audio segments, with a series of scheduled interactive webinars and tele-seminars. E-mail coaching would also be included, as well as supporting online sales management training. And Bob is open to ideas, offering that any other suggestions for a customized online sales training program would be appreciated.


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