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Social Capital Conference: A Social Media Learnathon in Ottawa

Social-Capital-Conference: it says it all. It is a conference on social media in the nations capital-Ottawa! But why, you might ask? And the answer is simple enough, even if the question of social media is not so clear. And, that is because ever since Google included social media in their algorithm, it has rocketed from a side road to a major Highway in the world of online communications.

They say that more heads are better than one, so the Social Capital Conference is where you are going to find answers, resources and strategies to apply to your corner of the internet, to maximize your value and reach the people who are looking for you and your services. Now breathe two, three, four.

Ok, shake it out. Having said all of that, the conference offers notable speakers on a wide variety of subjects related to online practices, SEO and current trends. There are workshops on the how to leverage Facebook for marketing or search engine optimization myths. You can learn how to optimize your website for human traffic and for bots that crawl the internet for search engines. You can rub shoulders with influential social media users, industry people and domain leaders.

Here are a few of the workshops that you can attend: Essential strategies to get the most from your online presence, When Humanity Meets Industry: soulful social media marketing, Strategic Social: It starts with a plan! Making Dollars & Cents of Social Media, Non-Profit Social Media: Case Studies and Collaborative Workshop, Privacy in your Blog Life – Where do you draw the line?, The Problem with 20th Century Marketing Paradigms in a 21st Century World, Web engagement management: Understanding how your social efforts lead to meaningful engagement online, Understanding how social media affects traditional media and how to use it to your advantage, Small Business Marketing “Act Big, Be Nimble”, and there are many more! The opening keynote address with be by Martin Waxman, author of Social Media Barometer.


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