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Make Manifesting Simple with Ironman Triathlete LuAnne Hage

A first impression of LuAnne Hage is that she is the quintessential “girl next door.” She is friendly, unassuming and easily approachable. But underneath that engaging exterior is someone who refused to give in to mediocre, and who developed her will to change her life from deficient to defined. Her vehicle was the Triathlon, and now she is helping others Manifest success in their lives. And she believes that you can too, even if you don’t.

It wasn’t that long ago that LuAnne spent an unhealthy amount of her time chasing money. She would stay in the house for days, her diet would suffer and she lost track of her friends. When she realized that she was not making much progress financially, her health was slipping and she spent too much time alone, LuAnne discovered that she was alive, but not really living. Her answer to feeling like a failure was to turn herself around, get herself in emotional, financial and physical shape and tackle an Ironman competition, something that she would never have considered before. Through the Law of Attraction, LuAnne has acquired new direction, bolstered her self-esteem and is now successfully living a life with purpose.

Make Manifesting Simple is focused on helping individuals and organizations achieve their potential. We all experience self-doubt and after a couple of failed attempts to create our own destiny, most of us stop trying or get distracted by life. And yet, as human beings, we all have a desire to do something greater. You don’t need to be a Triathlete to change your circumstances, you only need to want to change them. So, why do it alone, when it is so much easier to do it together?

LuAnne is now helping individuals and organizations find their strengths, focus on their goals and accomplish the tasks that put them on the right path to manifesting success. If you, or someone you know, keeps hitting a wall that they cannot seem to surmount, get around or tunnel under, then they need to Make Manifesting Simple.  They need LuAnne.


Make Manifesting Simple is focused on helping individuals and organizations achieve their potential. They help you find the definition of manifestation in your life and leverage the law of attraction.


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