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FREE Public Speaking Training with Steve Lowell

So, you have experience, you are an authority in your field, you’ve written a book and now it’s time to share that knowledge, but you hesitate. Did you know that the average person fears Public Speaking more than they fear death? Perhaps it is an urban myth, but it has been said many times, and once you hit the stage, with the limelight in your eyes and the crowd silently waiting, it is easy to understand to why. But then again, you are not average. Not anymore!

Today more people are asked to speak or speak up. Leadership training and public speaking are essential tools for writers, managers and anyone trying to make an impact, make change or educate others. Expectations are constantly changing, and if you want to be effective, then you need to be comfortable in your own skin with your mouth open.

Professional speakers make speaking in public look easy, but the odds are that they didn’t start out that way. Their public speaking career most likely started where most of ours did, as a frightened grade school student. Called on to make a presentation, they made their way to the front of the class, their palms sweaty, their pupils dilated, their heart racing and the world around them slowing to an excruciating pace. They may have been nervously unable to sleep the night before or bent over a toilet, but somehow they overcame their fears and they discovered that like any worthwhile skill, public speaking comes with training and practice.

And now it is your turn to overcome your fear of public speaking, to cross the line from the fearful to the fearless, to boldly go where you have never dared to go before.

Steve Lowell offers FREE public speaking training & public speaking courses. His speaking in public training is based on decades of experience and includes public speaking books & leadership training.


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