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Erica Wark on Designer Clothes and Fashion for Work

With every change of the season there is also a change of the Fashion. It is not easy to be current, affordable and simultaneously express your individuality. Erica Wark, despite being in her middle twenties, has been a part of the Fashion Industry for decades, and at an early age decided to become the Voice of Fashion. She currently works as a fashion journalist and stylist in Toronto, Ottawa and New York City and is a trendsetter who isn't afraid to push the boundaries of fashion.

Through her Fashion & Style Blog, “Erica on Fashion,” Erica shares the clothes and styles that are worth finding, season after season. She is a regular voice on The Steven and Chris Show on CBC, has aided the Ottawa Senators with their style choices and can be found

Just in time for spring, summer, fall and winter, Erica shares the fun looks that are full of trendy pieces. They’ll have your friends saying, "You got that for how much?!"

Talking and sharing everything “fashion related,” you can get your style fix from a chic Canadian perspective with Erica On Fashion.

“I never thought I'd see the day where I would wear yellow pants… but alas, here I am. With coloured pants continuing to be a huge trend in fashion, I thought these from Vero Moda, that were a steal at only $49 CDN, would be a great summer staple.” 

Erica On Fashion is thrilled to be launching a new series called Affordably Posh. Affordably Posh is all about high fashion without the high price tag! I've always said, "You don't have to spend a ton of money to look great", and now I'm proving it over the next several weeks, using fabulous finds from stores including Joe Fresh, Old Navy, Sears, Walmart, The Bay and Vero Moda.

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