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Success Coaching and Wellness with Moira

Success Coaching is the process of helping people to make positive changes to one or more areas of their lives over a period of time. These areas fall into the categories of Physical and Mental Health, Relationships, Business and Career, Financial, Spiritual and Emotional Wellness. Positive changes are made through the alignment of your core purpose, the conscience setting of goals that you desire, realistic strategy development for attaining your goals, setting of milestones to help you achieve success, the creation of action steps and motivation to help you all of the way through the process.

Intuitive Weight Loss Coaching is solid, successful support for weight loss. Coaching is based on wellness and the belief that we are creative, resourceful and whole. We know ourselves and have our own answers, but sometimes we need an intuitive, supportive, dedicated partner to facilitate our process of accessing your own wisdom. That’s the role that Moira fills for her clients.

Diets don’t work in the long run because they don’t solve the cause of the weight gain. If you are an emotional eater, you need more nourishment than a diet alone can provide. Signs of being an emotional eater are that you eat when you are not hungry, you often eat beyond fullness, you might binge at night or when you are alone, you feel out of control or compulsive about food, you sneak eat, you use food for love, comfort, stress relief or distraction, you want to avoid feelings, escape, tune out with food, you find that diets have not worked for you in the long run, you are a perfectionist and all or nothing in your approach to dieting, you are a high achiever and may be hard on yourself.

Stress can be looked at as the result of the imbalance between the demands being made on you, or by you, and the resources you have to cope with those demands. Stress is a valuable message that you are currently living out of balance.  Take notice of the valuable advice from within. Do you ignore your inner self?  Even worse than ignoring your inner self, do you turn off the message by taking a “pain killer”, “relaxant” or indulge in a side habit. Stress is the tension that manifests in our entire mind-body when we are not honouring our true selves, our values or our basic human abilities.  Stress is a signal to you that change is needed in your life. Get your life in balance from Wellness With Moira.



Wellness with Moira specializes in Success Coaching, Intuitive Weight Loss Coaching and Stress Management. Located in Ottawa, ON, Wellness with Moira also employs the use of Hypnotherapy.

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