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Shoes for Kids at Kiddie Kobbler Ottawa

It wasn’t that long ago that that there were no such thing as teenagers, no movies for children and no clothing stores devoted to kids. Since 1951, Kiddie Kobbler has been catering to this special group of humans with their tiny feet, their big imaginations and their desire to have the coolest footwear on Planet Earth!

Today, kids can find shoes designed from almost any super hero, movie characters or television series. There is something special to reflect their individual tastes, whatever they are.

The Kiddie Kobbler in Ottawa, Ontario is the oldest Branch of Kiddie Kobbler in Canada and one of the funnest, (it’s almost a real word!), branches this side of Pluto. It is captained by “The Shoe Man,” otherwise known as Rob Krantzberg, which means “King of the Mountain,” so you know you will be treated like Royalty. He has been working with little piggies for 29 years, finding them a comfy place to spend their days. He carries shoes as small as baby pre-walkers all the way to men’s size 18, which is so large that the wearer only needs to take 5 steps to reach any destination. 

They have shoes that come in any colour and a few colours that were just invented for kids. They also have Spiderman, Star Wars, Clone Wars and Cars, super light, super fast and super bright shoes of all sorts. They also carry hand-crafted shoes from Europe, for the refined child, that come in a variety of styles and colours to go with any occasion. But best of all, is the “The Shoeman’s” Treasure Chest that is full of toys and Free Prizes. He even has a chance for the parents to win prizes. After all, parents need to have fun too! Find him at 1177 St. Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa, ON, right across from the St. Laurent Centre. 613 746 6411. You can also visit our website to get coupons, shoe sizing and tips on correct fit.


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