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It seems kind of obvious, but ladies when it boils down to a simmer, you’ll be surprised to find that its not what you may think.
Of course they want the obvious. Men are prone to hormonal impulses and urges as much as women. But once you get past the obvious, there is more… Seriously! And the best part is that it will get you what you want, understanding this one little concept.
Men want to be respected and appreciated, women want to be cherished and heard.
If you doubt it, then try applying it ASAP, and see what happens! Just a few of the gems from http://www.thebestadviceyourmothernevergaveyou.com by the end of the first chapter, you’ll be applying new ideas and concepts that’ll move you forward.
For 16 bucks, you can’t go wrong, but this is one of those best kept secrets that everyone else seems to find first. Not this time… Get it now, and surprise your friends with your amazing insights and move fwd!


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