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Cumulative SEO-20% of Shotgun Viewers Watch Multiple Videos

When we broadcast an episode of The Shotgun Show online, it goes out with all of the right keywords, (based on research not on guessing), to a multitude of online sites including video, article, blog, authority, social bookmarking and social media sites. That takes care of the search engines.


On the other hand, we also send it the humans we know, and the subject of the episode broadcasts the link to their circle of friends on all of their social media platforms.


This has a cumulative effect for all. We have discovered that roughly 20% of our viewers will watch multiple videos. They get up in the morning, brush their teeth, comb their hair, check their social media and BAM!


There, staring them in the face, is a link to a friend’s/clients/competitions/families which they cannot resist clicking. After they have enjoyed the episode, the window then fills with thumbnail pictures of other episodes and they watch some of those.


Have you ever heard of Kunstadt Sports in Ottawa? They are a solid Ottawa family that have been servicing the sports equipment needs in Ottawa and Gatineau for decades. We had Eric Kunstadt on an episode last year. Now imagine the circle of influence that he brings with him?


And there is also Pat Armstrong of Image Essentials, the best Spa in Ottawa. Pat brings a lot of class, caring and passion to the Spas of Ottawa.


All of our clients have different circles of influence, but that is the beauty of it, because they all need sports equipment, or a day at the spa, or insurance, or recreation….. and they all meet at the Shotgun Show. With 85 episodes and 250,000 views, it adds up to a lot of watching!


PS You'd be great on our show!


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