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Ottawa Executive Business Coaching with Robert Hargrove 2

Robert Hargrove has guided almost 30,000 people through a program called “The Leadership Transformation Experience,” he has served as a Director of the Harvard Leadership Research Project, and has coached an amazing assortment of leaders at all levels. Many of the people he has worked with went on to become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, top government officials, valued middle managers, sought after Directors of non-profits, principals of schools and heads of hospitals.

Our goal is to help you experience a significant BREAKTHROUGH in your business in 100 days or less, and to repeat that cycle every 100 days! Just imagine what your business could look like 12-15 months from now!

We want work with a special group of CEO’s, founders, and business owners… We are looking for individuals who refuse to be average and are determined to be industry game-changers and trend-setters! Our goal is to attract owners of small to medium businesses that have a track record of past success and who are convinced that they are destined for far greater achievements.

You may already have strategic ideas and growth goals, and may be pursuing them with your whole heart and soul! But we can help you get there FASTER, merely by accelerating, enhancing and dramatically expanding what you'd achieve on your own over a far longer timeline or horizon if you did it by yourself.

The people we’re interested in attracting know their business has unrecognized opportunities, under-utilized assets, under-performing processes, under-engaged people. You have worked hard to build a small, sustainable business but you cant get past a certain mark. You feel stuck. We will help you not only get “unstuck,” but also to empower you to experience a breakthrough in that area of your business!

That’s why we are creating a powerful and unique small business, growth accelerator that will tackle a wide range of business opportunities and issues.

We start with a really rigorous assessment of your business as it stands today. Where are you trying to take you business and why are you not getting there? What are the sticking points that are keeping you from making progress? Then we apply our X-Ray Vision – our Business MRI and Cat-Scan so to speak – to help you identify the highest leverage points for taking your business to the next level as quickly as possible!

We will help you recognize where your business is stuck and help you spearhead a breakthrough in 100 days or less… Is it leadership? Is it teamwork? Is it your business model? What about your marketing and sales? We will also work with you to discover an abundance of low-hanging fruit in your industry and business that are just ripe for the picking! You're eager to harvest every "ripe" windfall profit dollar you can, right? As part of this Business Accelerator group, you will also engage in breakthrough thinking on a regular basis to take you and your business to a different place and learn to implement Masterful Coaching’s Blueprint to a Billion and the 10 Multipliers of High-Growth Companies.


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