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Ottawa Executive Business Coaching with Robert Hargrove 4

The Ultimate Entrepreneur experience will dramatically increase the success of your small business. We will do this by working with you shoulder to shoulder in our unique business accelerator and growth laboratory over the next year, and by focusing on Impact Factors that no one else leverages fully!

Robert & I believe it’s possible to impact the economic performance of your business by 300% or more! Sound unbelievable? Here’s why it can be done:

In a stunning in depth survey called the Small Business Genome Project released less than one year ago, researchers proved conclusively that start-ups and early stage portfolio companies that were masterfully mentored on a long-term basis outperform-med those that weren’t by margins averaging 300% or higher!

If you are currently looking for a coach or mentor, stop searching. You have found what you are looking for right here.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur, growth laboratory and business accelerator program provides mentoring in three powerful and unique ways.First, you will be coached by Robert Hargrove, the founder of Masterful Coaching and one of the top executive coaches in North America. Fortune Magazine called him one of "the true real grandmasters” in the field of coaching entrepreneurs, a true business catalyst who has helped create many high growth companies.

He has worked with Fortune 500 CE0's, entrepreneurial iconic companies like Apple, and Google, and Netflix. As a Director of the Harvard Leadership Project, and author of Masterful Coaching – the bible of executive coaching – he has delivered over $9 billion in new revenue and profit growth for his clients.

In our monthly coaching sessions here in Ottawa, Robert will immerse you in his blueprint to a billion mindset and then coach you to develop specific breakthrough strategies for your business.

In addition to Robert’s masterful coaching, I will also be working with the Ultimate Entrepreneur group to bring more than 20 years of leadership experience to the table. Committed to helping you get the results you’re looking for, I will be facilitating a monthly coaching call with you by phone designed to help you create a bridge between the powerful group sessions and the resulting strategic initiatives, and execution – TAKING ACTION – so that you achieve breakthrough after breakthrough.

Finally, you will benefit from our monthly Mastermind group of CEO’s, a brain trust, you can employ to breakthrough any Sticking Point your business is facing

Let me summarize the Ultimate Entrepreneur in a nutshell… You will receive:

1: Strategic insights from Robert Hargrove, one of the best executive coaches in North America today

2: Coaching and mentoring from myself on Execution, ensuring that ideas to better your business turn into concrete realities

3: The direct accountability, experience and follow-up support of the group…

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