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Ottawa Executive Business Coaching with Robert Hargrove 1.1

Imagine capturing the collective intelligence of 12 CEOs driving high levels of new revenue growth and profit growth. Can you see the potential? I suspect the ”right" small business owners will greatly appreciate the group brainstorming process that will take place regularly in the Ultimate Entrepreneur group.

Frankly, our expectation is that in a typical month's ultra-day-long session between Robert and myself, and all you “12 Disciples," we'll tackle some extremely big business problems – and opportunities! You should expect to go home every month with as many as 100 business-building ideas that result from this fast-paced, group mentoring dynamic. The value of those ideas will range from incremental to outrageous. Each member of will get to discuss their situations, ask questions, discuss critical problems – and most importantly, work through big opportunities you may not how to mine by yourself! You will sit on the edge of your seat throughout every monthly session. The conversations will be diverse, deep and exceedingly fast-paced!

The emphasis of every group meeting is on critical thinking and strategic shifting of your paradigms. We will also emphasize collaborating with customers, game-changing innovation, and other breakthroughs that drive new revenue growth and new profit growth!

Learn from others! The very factors that could be limiting your business growth might also be the same factors holding back some of the other members of our group. Together, there's an excellent chance we'll get your small business back on a growth track. Group genius will drive accelerated results! Were betting that by bringing you together in a group of twelve, and introducing world-class business coaching strategies, we can help improve and accelerate your small business more quickly than you ever could by yourself. We also are betting that you will get more out of this than you would if you just attended any high profile, yet static, business seminars!

Robert Hargrove has guided almost 30,000 people through a program called “The Leadership Transformation Experience,” he has served as a Director of the Harvard Leadership Research Project, and has coached an amazing assortment of leaders at all levels. Many of the people he has worked with went on to become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, top government officials, valued middle managers, sought after Directors of non-profits, principals of schools and heads of hospitals.


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