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Ottawa Dwellings and Homes for Sale

Just in case you missed the market collapse in the last couple of years, it has had a massive affect on Ottawa dwellings and homes for sale all over the world. There was a massive exodus towards DIY Real Estate Sales that has only increased awareness of the importance of a qualified, experienced Real Estate Agent.

Jacen specializes in making home purchases sustainable, and even profitable.  Since the collapse people have looking at ways of generating income, leveraging equity and even buy their first home while creating equity. In the last few years he has been helping people purchase multi-dwelling properties including Duplex, Triplex and Fourplexes. With extensive knowledge in the Ottawa market, reliable tradesmen to rely on and a proven formula for sustainable success, he is able to help homeowners and house hunters well beyond the sale of a property.

The Ottawa Real Estate Market is flooded with discount brokers. Everyone is competing for the bottom dollar, and not matter what industry you’re in, “you get what you pay for.” Not the best strategy when making the largest single investment of your life. You do not need to ask too many people to get a horror story. The key is to identify the true value that an experienced person brings to the transaction, and then find that person with the skills, connections, experience and understanding.

Simple? Not really, since again, the market is flooded. Anyone can sell you a house. I have a neighbor who is selling his own house, and I see him letting people in wearing his PJ’s. I see new Real Estate Agents sticking warm loaves of bread in ovens to give the house a “homey appeal.” But that is not going to be comforting after the deal is done and you find all of the little surprises that were masked by the low commission rate of my neighbour and the aromatic smokescreen of fresh bread.

But don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of fresh bread, but I also understand that successful business relationships are built on communication and respect. My name is Jacen Matthews with Royal LePage Performance Realty at 165 Pretoria Avenue, Ottawa Ontario, K1S 1X1 and 613.238.2801Cell: 613.296.8582. Make your largest financial investment work for you.


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