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Online Marketing Strategies, SEM and Web Design

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and it is tied directly to Online Marketing Strategies, which are tied directly to Web Design. As the Internet evolves at an astonishing rate, so does the sophistication of the users.

Once upon a time, consumers would enter complete sentences in a search box and hope to find what they were looking for. When they were not satisfied they enter new search parameters before going to the second of results on the original search. After a decade or more of searches, there are billions of searches every day. And less than 20% of surfers go to page 2, but prefer to refine their keywords and start a new search. 

Search engines have known for a long time that some words are more equal than others. When a consumer types in the subject of their search, the search engine logs the information. Over time, patterns emerge, like paths through the woods, people use some words more than others. If you are in need of Bed Bug related products then there are four spellings: Bedbug, Bed Bug, Bedbugs, Bed Bugs. Just so you know, One variation of these is used by four out five consumers. In other words, 80% of consumers who are looking to spend money on Bedbug related products, use 1 variation more than the rest. If you are selling products or services in that niche, and you do not know which variation it is, then you are at a disadvantage, and missing 80% of the traffic.

As a business owner, you need to know what keywords are most important in your niche so that you can weave them into your website content and show the search engines that your company is an authority in your field. Anything else, is just guessing, and not a viable solution for success.


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