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Why Bother with an iPhone iPad App?

Why bother with an iPhone iPad App is a question that we get on a regular basis. To me it sounds like Why bother buying a car? Often we miss the importance of things that make Business easier, and an App is one of those things. Like most new things, the early adapters grab it while the majority sit and wonder why. Then they turn it inside out and upside down until it becomes something that more of us can use. This describes an App or a Mobile Application, in this case for an iPhone, iPad, or any smart phone on the market.

Now imagine that you have a sales force that is constantly away from the office. In the field potential clients are asking your team for information on your services and products. Imagine if your sales person can access the specs, quantities, reviews, pictures and history of the products and services that you offer? If there is an objection to the sale that cannot be answered, immediately, on the spot, as it is being asked, do you think that might have an effect on your closing ratio? That is what an Mobile Application can do for you.

What if your Business relies on sensitive and changing information? An App can allow you to update and alter information as needed in real time, so that you people have the most current information. Perhaps the sensitivity of your information needs to be protected, then an App would make it easily accessible, transportable and protected.

There are an endless number of applications for Applications for Business. When your team needs information to close deals, educate your clients and impress potential new clients, an App is one of the most effective forms of support. Of course, you could also just use it to play games, but only after the work is done!


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