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Financial Planning and Prosperity for Couples

Money, money, money. It is not as much about how much you make, but what you do with it. Money trouble is responsible for destroying more marriages, friendships and families than natural disasters. Most of us can look back at our lives and unequivocally know that whatever advice or education we received about money was too little, too late or too irrelevant. Just as new approaches evolve for every facet of our lives from automobile design to designer foods, so does the world of money and how to leverage it.

We live in a zero-down and pay-nothing society where it easy to believe that consequence free financial transactions exist, where lottery tickets are the cornerstone of many people’s retirement plans and the economy that we grew up with has drained the social joint bank account that we might have depended on. In short, if you are going to transcend your money problems, you are going to need help.

As individuals, we know whether we prefer chocolate over vanilla or vice-versa, but if asked to explain our preference, the answer would be-because! We just know and don’t need an explanation or justification. Well, we have the same innate feelings with money. Our unconscious beliefs and instincts play a big part in our relationship with money. And since money is the “root of all evil,” then we instinctually hide our relationship, good, bad or indifferent. But life has two sides. If money is the root of all evil, then it is also the root of good. Imagine if you had an endless supply of money. You could bring clean water to everyone in Africa, you could help your family, you could sleep at night, you could take your time… in fact, the way that you lived your life would change dramatically. If you are trying to understand Where to Find Cash, Where to Get Money or learning How to Budget or have asked a greater power “Help Me Find Money,” then you are off to a great start. Financial Planning and Prosperity for Couples starts with Dr. Margaret Smith’s book, Money: From Fear to Love – Using the Enneagram to Create Wealth, Prosperity, and Love, and is the first of its kind.


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