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Optimize Your Webpage Design Ottawa

op·ti·mize [op-tuh-mahyz] verb, to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible, so as to maximize efficiency. When it comes to your Webpage Design, Optimization is the difference between lost and found. As the Internet continues to expand at an exponential rate, the number of websites multiplies, the number of pages multiplies twice as much, and suddenly, your website is just another text link on page 5 of a Google Search. Sure, if your name is Rasputin Goodfellow, it is easy to find your links at the top of page one, after all how many people or businesses in the world have that particular moniker? If it’s more than one, I’d be surprised.

But if you are in Real Estate, Weight Loss or have a system for people to Work at Home, then the competition levels are going to be considerably higher. And this is where Optimize Your Webpage Design Ottawa comes in. Did you know that 97% of consumers go online when researching new services and products? That is everyone, including your Grandmother. In fact, Seniors are one of the fastest growing demographics for online usage. The other stat that should interest Business Owners is that most of these surfers want to find information online and then find local vendors so that they can go out and physically visit the store. The other stat that should wake you up is that only about 30% of bricks and mortar stores have a web presence that able to be found properly by search engines for high traffic keywords. Translation: there are more searchers than businesses to be found online. This is where Website Builders in Ottawa, and Flash Design Ottawa can make a difference. In fact WordPress in Ottawa and/or Mobile Application Developers in Ottawa are prime examples of high traffic keywords and how we are leveraging text for an Ottawa Facebook Company that executes Social Media Marketing. They are called N-Vision IT and they have answers. 613 722 1965.


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