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10-Minute Website Design Strategy

I was riding with a friend in his car, who is a self-proclaimed technology neophyte, but he is very dependant on his “toys.” He would be challenged to exist without being grumpy if he were to lose his phone which docks with his car and delivers any combination of two thousand songs and movies and games and, and, and I can’t wait until he get’s a phone that makes French fries. Meanwhile, he has a website that he designed himself, he manages himself and neglects himself. He is always complaining that he can never find himself in search engine searches and designs his keywords by what he thinks is relevant and what his family think are relevant. Needless to say, this is like putting the wrong phone number and an address that is across town on all of your advertising.  Only the lost and random are going to find you!

DIY is great for personal or a hobby related Website Design Strategy. For a real business, DIY Websites are parallel to creating your business cards in crayon. What is most bizarre is that my friend is a Real Estate Agent who scoffs at people who try to sell their house themselves. I try to point out the obvious hypocrisy, but it’s his argument and his car, so I look out the window.

The next day, I went into his admin area, altered a few of keywords, made some internal adjustments to his text, titles and pictures and set him up a blog. Before long, his site had an increase in hits and he was able to find himself in searches. He never reached Page One, but was suddenly aware that DIY was not the most effective Online Marketing Strategy for a Business. Contact N-Vision IT at 613 722 1965 for a 10 Minute Website Design Strategy from the best Web Development Design team in Ottawa.


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