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Sales Management and Training with Sandler

This is direct message to all President’s, CEO’s, Sales Managers and Sales People who are looking to increase their sales growth, establish successful long-term habits and increase the quality of their sales. If you have not been getting the results you want by working hard, then it’s time that you started working smart!

Somehow, Sales Training became more like a Boot Camp than a School of Higher Learning, with an emphasis on “taking the hill at any cost.” And since Sales is really about the wants and needs of your clients, this has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. It is listed as the single largest barrier to almost every sale in every vertical. But this is the 21st Century and if you haven’t noticed, a lot of things have changed. How a transaction occurs, where consumers get their information and what their expectations are, have little relevance to Sales Training that you may have received 10 years ago. People still need to purchase, they still want your goods and they are more than willing to part with their money, but you need to acquaint your Sales Force with what is working today!

When have you ever heard a sales person talk about sustainable growth, weaknesses, limitations or increasing your business valuation? Never, if you are the CEO, and that is because they value their jobs an, don’t want to rock the boat. Sales AboutFace flips the traditional sales paradigm, challenges legacy sales and management practices which erode successful processes. There are millions of businesses that have high turnover, mediocrity and complacency chewing away at their bottom line.

Sandler Training employs a Sales Impact Assessment, which measures your company's vision for growth and sets it as the foundation upon which our recommendations are developed. Instill your Sales and Sales Management team with the Sales techniques and Sales Strategies that they need, and set your company on a long-term, sustainable growth pattern.

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