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Dating Relationships Gone Wrong

Who amongst us has not encountered challenges on the road to Happily Ever After? Perhaps, only those that have not truly made the effort, but we cannot be sure. What is dating? At one time it meant milkshakes, holding hands and the back row at the local theater. In the 21st Century Dating Relationships have become a connotation that defies definition because it in a constant state of flux. As dating evolves, it has left many of us wondering what just happened and how many therapy hours it will take to make it go away. The only thing we know for sure, is that whatever we once learned is no-longer applicable to creating successful relationships. But it doesn’t need to stay that way.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have patterns. Most patterns neither good, nor bad, they just “are.” They developed slowly over time as you observed the world around you. Your preference for vanilla over chocolate does not require you to understand it beyond the level of taste satisfaction, but you established a preference for one over the other, early in life. You learned these preferences as you innocently observed the interactions of the people that you were exposed to. It is why you love pistachios but not peanuts, why you sing or will never sing, why you kiss some people on the forehead and others on the cheek, or don’t kiss anyone at all. Some of us hug when we meet people, others shake hands, some kiss each other on the cheek and some exchange kisses on both cheeks. Of course, when we are cornered into justifying the things that we do by default, we consciously grasp reasons and attach significance to them. But in reality, we are executing elements of our lives by our second-nature.

It all falls apart when we try to build relationships and they do not turn out as we expect. The key to success is controlling the elements that you can, and although most of us do not want to believe it, the only element in your control is YOU! Understanding who you are, your expectations, how you deal with adversity and how you affect the world around you is the like reading the owner’s manual. Turn Dating Relationships Gone Wrong around by getting The Best Advice Your Mother Never Gave You.


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