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Website Design in Ottawa with N-VisionIT

As the Internet continues to evolve, more consumers search for new products and services, more businesses create a presence and the expectations change. Website Design in Ottawa with N-VisionIT has been evolving with the demansds of online marketing since before Facebook. Think of your grocery store. All grocery stores compete on the price of milk. If you have the lowest price, you will get more customers. But when you get inside the store to buy the cheapest milk, it’s not up front, close to the checkout, it is shelved in the farthest corner away from the checkout, so that you have to pass all of the other items for sale to get it. Then on the way back to the checkout, you see bread, which you know you are going to need eventually, so you grab a loaf. By the time you reach the checkout, your arms are overflowing with numerous items and the store has turned a small purchase into a large purchase.

Some would say that is deceiving, but really the store was helping you by pointing out a variety of other items that would be complimentary to the milk that you purchased. So now, instead of just having a glass of milk, you can have a sandwich to with it. This is good for the consumer and smart business practice.

With ninety-seven percent of consumers going online to research new products and services, the traffic is there. On the other hand, less than forty percent of businesses have a real presence online. The important part is that most of those consumers are searching locally so they can go to the bricks and mortar building, and purchase the items that they just researched. So, there are more people looking for products and services than business to supply those products and services.

If you are not being found online, then you might want to rethink your strategy. Equally, as consumers become more astute and refined, it is no longer in your interest to have a “Done it Myself” website, if you want to build and serve your clients. That would be like telling your clients that you know the product due date has passed, but it should be fine.


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