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More Sex, More Satisfaction, More Sanity

More Sex, More Satisfaction and More Sanity. On the surface you say “yea, right”, as if to say that such things are only reserved for the wealthy and movie scripts. Who has the time, who has the money and who cares? You do. Not only do you care, but deep in your heart, buried under that old suitcase full of disappointment and hiding behind those bags of misery are dusty memories of “unrealized potential,” the stuff that gives light to hope.

But wait; before we drag it all out and throw it on like an old suit, perhaps we should revisit what was, and what is. You’ve somehow managed to get to this point in your life and it took compromises to get here. On the one hand you gained things that you needed, things that you never knew you needed and a few precious things that you wanted. On the other hand, you lost track of your dreams, you forgot to remember what originally drove you and were separated from the “you” that was last seen running into the setting sun with a dog named Fred. Woof!

Ok, grab another box of tissue, cause we’re going to get through this together. At this point you have gained a life and a family and really only lost a Fred, and your favorite sneakers.

So, I can hear you thinking, “what does this have to do with more sex… and what were the other two things?” That would be More Sex, More Satisfaction and More Sanity and the 3 are not mutually exclusive. In fact they are very inclusive, meaning that one feeds the other and the other feeds the last and the last starts all over at the beginning again. “What comes around, goes around” is more likely an easier way to say it. Or, how about, “you get OUT what you put IN.”

Now, lets dust off that suitcase and crack it open again. Inside, you will find it full of all of your potential, still waiting for you. But in this case, you have time and experience on your side. So, if BIG was possible then, then GIGANTIC is possible now. All you really need is a guide to walk you through it. I won’t kid you, it’s a process, and processes mean that there is some very worthwhile work to be done. You may have to dig deep or change a few bad habits, but if I can do it, then you can too. The best way to get somewhere new is to have someone show you, who has already traveled the road. That’s where I come in, Leigh Kole Johnson. If you’re like Mick Jagger and you can’t get no satisfaction, then it’s time that you did. And the only thing standing between you and AWESOMEyou, is YOU!


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