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eCommerce and Web Development Design

The two are not mutually exclusive. In other words, if you understand how consumers browse websites, what they expect out of the experience and create a process that leverages that information, then you will serve your clients better and complete more sales.

Ease of use is the keyword for eCommerce and Web Development Design. Just like a book, if you do not connect with your audience to go to page two, then something is missing. It is the processes that move consumers to the next step. It’s not manipulation, as some would tell you, but a conscience catering to the needs of the individual. The cornerstone to the process is understanding why we shop, what we expect from an online purchasing experience and feeding those needs. Navigational structures, usability and intuitive design will help them have a concise and rewarding experience. There are well-developed Internet-based technologies and techniques that have been developed over the last two decades that will help you and your clients accomplish this.

There are usability checklists that can be used to evaluate the user experience, which are like maps that reveal avenues of repeated success or failure. Once identified, like roadways, they can be repaired, rerouted or rebuilt to allow an ease of flow to the given destination. Aspects to be considered are intuitive layout and structure, visual appeal, cross-browser compatibility, efficient-downloading, proper branding and effective calls to action where they are most effective. Of course, not all web designers in Ottawa or anywhere else in the world have accumulated the experience that allows them to fully understand these processes and tend to focus on only a few of the aspects. Get the right process in place and make it easy for your website visitors to do business with you.


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