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Online Publishing with Wiseologie

If you are an accomplished author, publisher or novice writer then you know that there is an audience out their across this planet that are waiting to discover your message, story or inspiration. After you have dug deep, fought the good fight and assembled a collection of words that grabs the reader and leads them through to a conclusion, that that is actually the easy part. Getting your work the exposure it deserves requires a completely different set of skills. As the old saying goes, “Sell your strengths and buy your weaknesses.” Now read it one more time.

You don’t go to the doctor for your accounting and you don’t call a carpenter to bake your bread. But if you do, then there is nothing wrong with that, but this article may not be of much help. Thank you for reading this far and we wish you all the best with the future. But if you are asking yourself “How Do I Get Published?” or are wondering “Where to Get Published,” are thinking about “Writing a Book,” looking for a “Publishing How to,” wondering “How to Publish,” or how you can “Become a Writer,” then you may want to keep reading.

Now that humanity has entered the 21st Century, you may have noticed that few things have changed. Communism has collapsed, Reality TV has given birth to stardom without talent and bygone rockers collect pension cheques while on tour. The message is that the rules have changed, and when it comes to publishing your manuscript, those rules have changed too.

The vast and complex publishing industry had developed over millennia to become an impenetrable maze for most people. But like other media paradigms, all is a brave new world on this side of the Century change. WiseNotes is an affordable and innovative approach to marketing your book, or any of your previous titles by bringing life to your back listed books and re-purposing the content. Their mission is to help solve challenges associated with dispersing your message on a planetary scale by leveraging the power of new media that was not available to the average writer before the turn of the Century. Online Publishing with Wiseologie is a word to the wise.


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