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What is Visalus with Mike Kelly

In the infamous words of Mike Kelly, “Everybody eats!” Just in case you had any doubts our informal survey proved this to be true. But did you know that people who do not eat breakfast are 440% more likely to be overweight? That is because when you finally do eat, your hunger is high, you eat more that you need and your body grabs the fat and stores it, just in case you do not again anytime soon. In other words, by starving ourselves for short periods of time we engage the physiology that allowed us to survive for tens of thousands of years, when our meals would be days and weeks apart. Add that to our modern convenience of having an abundance of high fat foods as close as our phone, our sedentary lifestyle and the stress of modern life and you have a silent epidemic on your hands.

When you ask Mike Kelly “What is Visalus?” he will say that it is “a war on obesity.” It is a carefully crafted, scientifically designed nutrition system that supports healthy gradual weight loss through dietary support. The English version translates as such: Life gets in the way, time gets restrained, stress levels rise and we don’t have the time or energy to eat right. A strict diet is nearly impossible to maintain for most of us. Life just doesn’t work that way. So, when we deviate from a diet, we are overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and disappointment, our inner voices increase the pressure and we have to start all over from zero. Obviously, this is an untenable situation and only super-humans are able to overcome it.

The "all or nothing" attitude makes us fatter faster as we cycle through failure, guilt, self-loathing and inner arguments that never lead to success. But where is the sanity in that? What we really need is an easy system that does not leave us hungry, supports our lifestyle without big changes and is affordable.

What is Visalus? It is a motivated group of individuals that focus on Ottawa Weight Loss. They motivate and support people who are struggling with methods to Lose Weight and Weight Reduction by creating an easy Diet Plan. Take the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge and join the growing list of success stories in your region. We dare you!


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