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Income Tax Return and Bookkeeping Service in Ottawa

It sneaks up on us every year like a silent creature in a horror film. Without a sound or any warning, they are on us and we are helpless to resist. YES, it’s your taxes and YES, you cannot avoid them and YES it’s about time to be proactive. In the words of Francine Allaire of Dion, Vallee Bookkeeping Service and Income Tax Return in Ottawa, “Sell your strengths and Buy your weaknesses.” In other words, some of us are good at fixing things, others have people skills, some of us catch the bad guys and we are all surrounded by entrepreneurs who are busy executing their ideas. The precision, persistence and patience that is required for Bookkeeping is rare and difficult to maintain, which the exact reason why 99% of us need to BUY this skill from someone else.

It happens all of the time. Your best intentions are to collect your receipts, jot down your mileage, enter them in ledger and file them on a weekly basis. Not unlike a New Years resolution, our best intentions give way to every other immediate crises that we need to solve. So, while we are busy putting out today’s fires, our ledgers are quietly building into five alarm fires in the bottom of a drawer. Suddenly, we grasp a moment to devote to our Bookkeeping and we pat ourselves on the back for actually taking five minutes to straighten out our numbers. But when we blow the dust off the cover and crack the ledger open to the last entry, we realize that more time has transpired since that entry and we need to make all of the entries between then and now.

Suddenly our five-minute duty becomes an hour of frustration as we attempt to track down receipts, remember numbers and make entries. And after all of that, there are enough holes in our ledgers to accommodate a family of Tax Agents. Once you admit that Income Tax Return and Bookkeeping Services are not some of your stronger skill sets, then you are well on the road to recovery and you will sleep like a baby tonight. Good intentions don’t fill empty ledgers, so get yours fixed today at Dion Vallee Income Tax & Bookkeeping Management.


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